A Flooded Courtyard is OUT NOW!

On the 3rd of Kirsbatre of the Year 2021 in terranean age…


I am absolutely delighted to share with you this news!

My Debut Book, «A Flooded Courtyard» is finally out in Kindle and Paperback format on Amazon!

There’s also more information I want to share with you, so keep reading to find how to get your copy.



What is it about?


Deborah is an Anachronic: as she is about to die in the present-day and time, she appears in the Kingdom of Miurgel.

Life in Miurgel feels like a daydream, a new lease on life for Deborah. But there is one problem: Miurgel is running out of natural resources and that is threatening the lives of everyone in the Kingdom.

Deborah – like some of the other Anachronics – has an idea that can push the Kingdom forward and secure its survival. A simple idea that will get her involved in a dangerous mission to save everyone, but with unforeseen consequences…


A Flooded Courtyard is the first part of a short series. The second part, which completes the story of Debora and company, is currently in the works.


What will I find?


Settle into the Kingdom of Miurgel with Deborah and follow her as she starts her life anew, without recollection of her past, meets the Kingdom’s inhabitants, and gets embarked into something more important than what she ever imagined.


She will find romance, the joy of the simple things in everyday life, music and friendship, but most importantly, she will try to find and accept herself again.


Content Warnings:

  • Explicit sexual themes
  • Self-harm/ suicide
  • Emotional distress
  • Violence / Combat
  • Depiction of Injuries
  • Sexual/emotional abuse


This book is not advised for a younger audience.


Where to find «A Flooded Courtyard»


You can find Goodread’s entry for this book here:



And learn more about the Kingdom of Miurgel on the book’s website:

A Flooded Courtyard


Buy «A Flooded Courtyard»


Buy the book on Amazon from here:

Get your copy in Paperback

Get your copy in Kindle/ebook format


Note that while these links point to Amazon UK, the book is available in all markets where Amazon is present.


If you live in the UK or US, you can also request the book from your local book store through Amazon’s extended distribution program.


Find about the Spanish edition here:

Patio de Luces





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